Jessica Ralli



It’s been three years, but as Bushwick Open Studios 2018 approaches, Harthaus is definitely on my mind. Oliver participated in the first BOS in 2006, back when all the open studios fit on a teeny map on the back of a postcard. The last time we participated was in 2015, and at that point the map was at least 40 pages or so.

In 2013, after buying a house on Hart street the previous year, we decided to transform our house into Harthaus, inviting friends who were artists to show their work in our home. The idea was to give our artist friends time to go explore other artists’s studios, which you can rarely do as a participant. Here’s a little more about it from the Harthaus website:

Harthaus is an annual group show featuring works by visual artists working in greater Bushwick, Brooklyn, curated by Oliver and Jessica Ralli, shown in their home on Hart Street. Oliver and Jessica have participated in Bushwick Open Studios since it’s first “open to all” festival in 2006.  

The Harthaus Mission is to provide local artists with an inspiring space to showcase highlights from their latest works, and to support and celebrate the creativity of Bushwick artists.  Our collective structure also gives the artists a chance to both show their works, and visit the studios of other artists throughout the weekend.  

jessica ralli