Jessica Ralli


Playroom Revival

It's clear from my work and writing that I am passionate about play in early childhood, and believe strongly in the necessity of space and time for play in the early childhood classroom.  This space and time, unfortunately, is a dwindling reality in the age of push-down academics and high stakes testing, though all credible research points to play as the most powerful teaching and learning tool in the early years.

Usually a focus of work, the issue started to hit home as my 4.5 year old son was to start Kindergarten.  The school administration and teachers value play but struggle to balance developmentally appropriate practice with the demands of the Common Core and academic standards (Kindergarten is quite literally the new first grade).  Time is needed to explore, inquire, experiment, but so is space--so when the opportunity arose to revive a much needed playspace in need of major TLC, my heart sang.  

A group of kind, dedicated, creative parents got together the last week of August and we revived a space I hope will be used for years to come to let children learn in the way they do best--through play! 


jessica ralli